Stream API – Java advanced (OCP)

The Java Stream API allows to create pipelines of chained methods to produce a result. It exists since Java 8. Concretely, it's a way to write some long treatments on a collection of elements in a more readable way, for example using lambda expressions. A few things to know about Stream: A stream is an... Continue Reading →

68 things I learnt at Devoxx Belgium 2022

This year, I attended the Devoxx convention and specifically the two deep dive days. I was my first time attending such an event and hopefully not the last. I could grab a lot of information and learn a lot in a very short time span. There is something truly different between watching talks or courses... Continue Reading →

The Art of Knowledge Sharing in Development Teams

Developers don't like writing documentation, generally. — Knowledge sharing in tech teams seems to be a recurring problem. While it could solve a lot of problems (like allowing swift onboardings, unavailability of the colleagues or high turnover with knowledge loss) and many tools exist to make it easy, team members don't always want to participate... Continue Reading →

How to make the best of Code Review

In our development team, we do code review on every single merge request (aka a pull request for GitHub users) without exception. Every MR is reviewed by two developers of the team. I personally love it as I think it has a lot of advantages (as I'll explain below). But code review can also quickly... Continue Reading →

Azure AI fundamentals in a nutshell

In this blog post, I'll summarize the important ideas about Azure AI fundamentals (topics from the AI-900 Microsoft certification exam). As usual, if you intend to take the exam, please note: This article is meant for review/knowledge check purpose and I'll advise you first to study with the official, up-to-date, learning material from Azure. Same... Continue Reading →

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